Magento managed services

top tier management for your Magento store & server

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top tier management for your Magento store & server

Reliable services, that take the load off your team
What we can do

Bug diagnosis & fixing

Testing and fixing those pesky bugs is what we do. Proper debugging leads to stable stores.

New features development

Adding additional functionalities to an existing store, with minimal to no downtime.


Making it unique. Frontend to backend, we can customize the look of your store for ease of use.

Monitoring Magento & server

It's all about prevention. Forseeing what could go wrong and always being in the know avoids potential problems.

Security patching & improvement

Security is a big deal. Maintaining a secure Magento installation and a secure server is a must.

Performance optimization

Blazing speed. We deploy whatever measures are necessary in order to ensure the best experience.

Backup & Recovery

Backups are essential. And having a workflow for disaster handling is not paranoia. It's good practice.

Magento Upgrade

Get to the next level. Magento 2.x to 2.2.x or 1.9x to 2.x, you name it. We do it properly.

Training Support

You or your team need guidance on how to work with Magento? We can help.

Code review

Often times overlooked, code review helps prevent bugs and potential performance issues.

Routine check-ups & maintenance

Making sure everything works as expected and routine maintenance keeps the store ready to work.

Dedicated consultation & planning

Planning something big? We can help in every aspect regarding your Magento store. Ask us!

Our managed Magento service plans

Individual services

When you just need something done fast. Or that extra spice.


1h priority bug fixing

When you want something done ASAP and you don't have time for all the formalities.

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5h retainer

If your Magento task takes under 5 hours and you don't need a monthly plan, this is your go to.

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Magento speed tune-up

Store still slow? We get under the hood and provide blazing speed. Server & Magento optimization.

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Why do you need a Managed Magento service?

It’s like having your own personal bodyguard, your own personal mechanic and that friend that knows it all and will tell it like it is. All in one reliable partner.

We pride ourselves in the care we offer our clients and the way we manage their stores. From a simple adjustment to a pesky bug or the next insane feature, we make sure everything is up to par with your expectations.

Save time

By letting us take care of the technical stuff, you save time by: not having to search for a service provider or the internet every time you get stuck, and you simply don't have to deal with code and weird time consuming problems.

Predictable costs

Everything is clear and transparent. You can speed it up or not. By having an efficient road map or to do list, we make sure everything gets done on time, in budget. You won't get a surprise invoice. That's not how we do business. Comunication is key.

Look professional

Your customers don't have to see errors and your sales won't have to be hurt by unexpected downtime. By having a proper workflow, with a development & testing environment, we ensure a safe and bug free experience for the live store, the money bringer.

And last but not least, freedom.

The freedom to have everything working. And the freedom to have someone that can integrate any feature you require.

You just need to take care of what you need to do: manage the business and your employees and customers.

Just need help?

In case you just have a problem and need it fixed fast, your can reach us easily and we'll give you a proper estimate and time-frame, so you can just get back to work. Keeping things simple for fast results.