Everything a Magento 2 store needs

Mage Solvent offers complete services for your Magento 2 store. Our services are aimed at stores that are already up and running, but are a headache to manage on your own or have various problems like bugs, slow page speed and others.

We’re here to take the load off your team regarding the technical aspects of Magento 2 and your server while demistifying cluttered workflows and any problem regarding working with Magento.

For pricing, available plans and individual services, check our homepage.

Bug diagnosis & fixing

Testing and fixing those pesky bugs is what we do. Proper debugging leads to stable stores.

New features development

Adding additional functionalities to an existing store, with minimal to no downtime.


Making it unique. Frontend to backend, we can customize the look of your store for ease of use.

Monitoring Magento & server

It's all about prevention. Forseeing what could go wrong and always being in the know avoids potential problems.

Security patching & improvement

Security is a big deal. Maintaining a secure Magento installation and a secure server is a must.

Performance optimization

Blazing speed. We deploy whatever measures are necessary in order to ensure the best experience.

Backup & Recovery

Backups are essential. And having a workflow for disaster handling is not paranoia. It's good practice.

Magento Upgrade

Get to the next level. Magento 2.x to 2.2.x or 1.9x to 2.x, you name it. We do it properly.

Training Support

You or your team need guidance on how to work with Magento? We can help.

Code review

Often times overlooked, code review helps prevent bugs and potential performance issues.

Routine check-ups & maintenance

Making sure everything works as expected and routine maintenance keeps the store ready to work.

Dedicated consultation & planning

Planning something big? We can help in every aspect regarding your Magento store. Ask us!

done right

Solid and reliable services for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.
Delegating platform specific tasks and problem solving related tasks before everyone notices helps you and your staff focus on what you do best.
We have your back, so you can scale BIG!


B2B focused companies trust us

and D2C

Focusing on your online strategy and managing your business is hard enough these days.
We can take care of the technical part and make sure your Magento store is up to par with your demands and is ready to scale as your business grows.


B2C Magento stores


Bugs squashed. Stable and fast.